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All carbon bicycles need some form of suspension system to protect them
and the rider from feelingcarbon bike wheelsetevery bump on the road or trail.
Otherwise bikes would feel like ysbike01 the old boneshakers of the nineteenth century.
Good suspension protects the bicycle fromcarbon road framethe wear and tear of the road,
increases traction by keeping the wheels on the ground, and also makes the rider more comfortable.
Suspension can be built into a bicycle either directly through shock absorbers or indirectly through design.
so now more and more full suspension carbon bike frame appear on the market.
For example, in Yishun Bike, there are 26ER FM039carbon mountain bike frameand 29er FM069, and even 27.5er carbon full suspension mtb framsets.
Some bikes, particularly off-road bikes, have carbon wheelsspring-loaded steel coils in the forks
that absorb bumps and jumps and work like a car's shock absorbers.
Other bikes have shocks built into the rear triangle of the frame, either on the seat stay or seat tube.
Less often, bikes can be found with springs or other suspension systems built into the saddle or handlebars,
though these create unwanted variables in bike fit.
Fork shocks, the most common kind, have become a very popular component on mountain and BMX bikes in recent years.